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Basic Supplies needed for all classes:
Winsor & Newton ARTIST’S GRADE, American Journey, Holbein or other good quality watercolor tubes

Alizarin crimson, cadmium red, sepia, raw sienna, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow, new gamboge,
(Bring any watercolor you have.)

A folding palette is best to travel to and from class, such as Alvin Heritage Paint Palette with 18 wells (Cheap Joes $16)

Flats: 1” for large washes and for laying in water. Larger Hake brushes are inexpensive for this. Rounds: Black Velvet or Golden Fleece brushes, size #12, 8 and 6 rounds.
(Bring all your watercolor brushes.)

Watercolor Arches cold pressed 140#.
If there is one material to spend money on, it’s the paper! If you use some of the cheaper brands, you will have a more difficult time. I highly recommend and I use Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. 140# Blocks of 20 sheets (cold press have green covers) are nice because you don’t need to stretch the paper.

Least expensive is to buy 22×30” sheets. We will tear it into smaller sizes. If not using a block, bring something to support your paper, foam core board cut to 11×15” is light to carry.

* I find Cheap Joes Art Stuff website to be the cheapest place to purchase supplies.

You may want to add more supplies later:
Pencils – #2 or mechanical pencils
White “Magic Rub”, Eraser Kneaded Eraser
Water container- any plastic or light weight container that holds at least 2 cups
Household sponge
Paper Towels
White Artist’s or Painters masking tape–1⁄2” is fine
Spray bottle- old Windex bottle or smaller will do

Masking fluid: Winsor & Newton and Pebeo brands are my favorites: Don’t buy the type with pink fluorescent dye in it. *Rubber cement pick-up (to use with masking fluid) *Small travel bar soap (to use with masking fluid) Ugly brushes.

Graphite Transfer Paper – Gray
Hair dryer
Old Toothbrush