Matt Zoll has been painting professionally for twenty years and teaching since 1991.

Matt studied under artists Ann Schuler, Will Wilson, and Gerome Atherholt while attending the Schuler School. He was taught the techniques of the Flemish Masters. Matt achieves remarkable color and vibrancy to his paintings by hand-grinding powder pigments with oil. The Flemish medium, also made in the studio, allows the artist to produce a rich luster and anintense luminosity throughout his work.

Matt discovered that he had an appreciation for drawing and Still Life; insisting that they are the foundation of all art. Still Life is one of the most valuable lessons in painting. Composition, form, value, and lighting are all crucial fundamental elements needed to pursue other subjects such as Portraits and Figures. Matt’s Still Life paintings are rich in color and drama with an intense attention to detail. Students that are willing and dedicated may learn this technique to help push their paintings further in contrast and color. Matt takes pride in teaching and is honored to pass on the traditional lessons of realism.

At the age of 18, Matt Zoll began showing his work in galleries and has had many sold-out, one-man shows since that time. Matt currently exhibits his work in Los Angeles, California and Easton, Maryland.

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