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Zoll Studio of Fine Art | Matt Zoll
Matt Zoll

Zoll Studio of Fine Art | Judy Funk
Judy Funk


Zoll Studio of Fine Art | Carol Lee Thompson
Carol Lee Thompson


Barb Kiwak
Barb Kiwak


Elicia Frazier

Elicia Frazier


Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell




Judy Funk - Turnips

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Judy Funk is a talented realist painter whose love of art and life is conveyed through her work. Her artistic journey evolved from creative tendencies earlier in life to a later formal education at the Schuler School of Fine Art, where she learned the methods and techniques of the Flemish Old Masters. Judy continued her artistic education by also studying and apprenticing with many talented local artists including Matt Zoll and Carol Lee Thompson.

Judy’s paintings integrate her passion for art, innate talent and learned techniques into a disciplined form, producing sophisticated works that are inspired by the intricate details so effortlessly portrayed in nature.

Judy now assists Matt Zoll in running Zoll Studio School of Fine Art, teaches the 10-14 year olds at the studio, and paints as much as she can.


15 West Aylesbury Road, Suite 601
Timonium, MD 21093
(410) 296-0233  |

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Zoll Studio of Fine Art | Palden Hamilton
Palden Hamilton


Zoll Studio of Fine Art | Mark Hiles
Mark Hiles


Zoll Studio of Fine Art | Dottie Dunsmore
Dottie Dunsmore


Brandon Frazier

Brandon Flye


Shirley Apple Jenkins


Nick Janouris


Bennett Vadnais

Bennett Vadnais